Release of WordPress 3.7 support automatic security update


Launched a popular blogging platform WordPress new 3.7 version is available for download from its update or those who are working on the control panel directly. The update included a number of important advantages , most notably .
  •     Automatic update : There is no longer need to apply security updates manually on WordPress where you will just installed automatically by himself in the background, and this update is very important because a lot of site managers ignore or postpone the application of security updates on their sites which causes discovered on hackers in the event of discovery of gaps and not repaired through security update thus have their sites vulnerable to penetration .
  •     Proposal passwords stronger: because the password still is the tool most reliable to confirm the account and access to the control panel it whenever the password more complex whenever made ​​it difficult task hackers , and now has been updated gauge password strength to WordPress so that if a user enters a password which factors weakness such as dates , names and easy printing on the keyboard it is considered weak and thus gives you the opportunity to search for a stronger password .
  •     Global support best : ‘ll versions of WordPress in non – English languages ​​to translate faster and complete version 3.7 supports the automatic installation and keep them up to date .