Decline in the value of Twitter more than three billion dollars due to employees

Tech news today | Twitter Twitter Company investors live these days are difficult times and there is movement led to the sale of a large share price drop 18% in two days of trading at levels of $ 30 to $ 39 downside of making the value of the company up to 17.09 billion dollars. And attributed the cause of the recent decline in share Twitter to the expiration of the retention of the company’s employees compulsory stock options , thus a large number of them to sell their shares to be converted into cash which led to lower price . Although staff from the sale of their shares in the company, the founders of the retain ownership and there are no plans to sell their shares or part of them now . And the last phase began landing virtually since the announcement of its financial results for Twitter which revealed slow growth in active users where the latest figures the company at 255 million users. As compared with 1.28 billion Facebook and LinkedIn 300 million and 500 million WhatsApp find


LinkedIn reaches 300 million users

Tech news today | Social Network LinkedIn network  announced the arrival of the number of users to 300 users, and even two-thirds of those who do not live within the United States . Without it, the company did not provide the number of active users each month , making this joy is incomplete . In a statement on the LinkedIn network official , said it is keen to reach this figure , with the accession of more than 300 million members of LinkedIn in the world! More than half of those members from outside the United States , while there are 100 million members of the United States. And operates a network LinkedIn to provide personal experiences based on the members of the network , identity and knowledge . This would help users to achieve their career goals . As stated in the statement that there is still a long way before Linked to achieve its vision , and access to the world’s 3.3 billion . Thus, the company has big goals , but it may take a long time before they would bring . Daily ,

Google adds feature to participate in the most active threads (Trends)

Tech news today | Google  Google today added a feature to get alerts for topics most traded (Trends) via e-mail sent to the user , where it was possible to participate in any matter concerning the issue of what to reach a new user . It can identify entry through the quick search for any country , or by choosing a specific topic , or to get the best threads in the region per month, to be delivered directly to your inbox. During see the new Google Trends you’ll find a new button to participate in the various parts of the service and any State , once pressed will be your subscription and you’ll get this new classification via email. It can easily cancel your subscription, in case no longer interested in the subject, and by pressing a button to unsubscribe with existing and incoming messages on the subject, or you can manage your subscriptions from one place here : google.com/trends/subscriptions. Read More About Google : Google launches Helpouts application on iOS Google considering


You can download Help Point application now

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