Google offers you an opportunity to explore the world of The Hobbit film through an interactive map


The series Lord of the Rings and of later series The Hobbit of the most beautiful films you saw , the author of the novel John Ronald Rowell Tolkien had us a wonderful story too where a lot of mystery and imagination , and events of the many and then the director of Beit Jackson to turn it into not achieved the success of a very large the first series , named by Sir rings and then a big success in the first part of the series the Hobbit .
On the occasion of near Showing the second part of the series The Hobbit in cinemas in the world ( except Saudi Arabia by virtue of that cinema forbidden ) has Google and in cooperation with the manufacturer of the film opening page the user can find out a lot of information about the events of the film, and can be done through an interactive map displays some places task in the film such as castle countries sedate , and will review the rest of the sites available in the coming days