Accounts without passwords


Some sources had previously indicated to the test through the Google tool or a new service to get rid of passwords that enables you to access Google services without the need for passwords , what if I told you that I possess this tool now ?
But in a different way .. Currently I do not have passwords for my most important accounts in a number of social networking sites on the Internet , even for email , whether Hotmail or Gmail or even Yahoo , and so on for Facebook and Twitter ! Yes, do not save any of these sites passwords and even my site in the world of technology !
On a personal level I do not like to keep and remember all the passwords frequently , whether at work or at the level of financial transactions or during my use of the Internet .. May surprise you that I do not save passwords also ATM cards , but I keep it in my wallet next to the ATM card .. May be such a disastrous situation for you , but for me I am trying to get rid of to save any passwords even on the level of financial transactions , which is that it for her a kind of risk, currently has succeeded in getting rid of all the passwords in the virtual world via the tool Lastpass and trying to find a another way to get rid of them in fact, and all I have to do is save one password to use the Internet , a password for Lastpass.