Facebook adds a set of new sticker to chat, including “dislike”

Many users of social networking called for adding new buttons reflect the true state of user along with the button Like , in some cases, be a need to publications sympathy rather than admiration , it is somewhat strange situation , Like on the publication sad , as you might publications need to watch the dislike other times . She noted some news earlier that Facebook is considering the possibility of adding a button new , but the company plans to add these buttons did not end it seems, but it has launched a range of Sticker; They emoticons large added by the company for the first time last April , this new collection hand represents the famous Like button , but many other placements . Set new posters are available on the Store your plastered Sticker Store, which can be accessed either through the chat application Facebook Messenger is available on systems running several , or through the use of chat basic on the site, and then go to the labels and add a group Likes New and designed by