HP will make smart phones great and cheap

According to press reports that HP s plans to launch smart phones large screen sizes such as 6 and 7 inches by the end of the year. HP Mobile will target emerging markets such as India the next China and the Philippines and will be sold at cheap prices ranging between $ 200 to $ 250 . She had been rumored for some time about the intention and desire for HP to enter the smartphone market before that denies CEO Meg Whitman , where is that such a project would be long-term and not now . And manufactured HP Tablet PC running Android Slate 7 as the name and has several Tablet PCs running Windows 8 , but that made ​​smart phones , they probably will be running Android . In any case , although the reports were not accurate adequacy of the fact that not only a week left to the end of the year , but it seems that in the quiver of HP smart phones to come.