NSA can spy on wireless networks from a distance 12 kilometers

Jacob Appelbaum revealed interesting information about the possibilities and the National Security Agency to spy on where users explained that he could spy on the devices until about 12.8 kilometers. This came at a conference being held in the German city of Hamburg , was Appelbaum has participated in the writing of the article on the magazine Der Spiegel , which was the first to reveal the name of what is known as a booklet and the National Security Agency . He had previously revealed that he can spy on and control devices Apple s iOS operating system and any other phone communicates over GSM cellular communications network across gaps equipped beforehand. But the new discovery today says that he can follow the devices that contain gaps about 8 miles, and the expectation that it can be planted until the gaps in users computers across the drones . And also between the device used to implant the gaps in a manner injection package packet injection , and is then broadcast the gap distanc