Statistics : Windows XP is still 18% of the computers in the world

Microsoft is seeking to get rid of the operating system Windows XP forever , but it turned out that the users are not quite ready to give up on the old platform and the transition to the newer operating system . A new round of statistics provided by research firm Stat Counter for days the first 21 of December 2013 , shows that the share of Windows XP in the market is declining , and that many had already moved from the operating system the old what is the latest of it, only a small number of users . For more details , the share of Windows XP about 18.53 % , making it the second operating system in the world, after Windows 7 , which still accounts for 51.33 % of the computers . As far as we are concerned of modern platforms from Microsoft , but Windows 8 got 7.54 % of the total market share , which could be an indication that many users still see Windows 7 is the next destination and the best suited for the transition.