Twitter test feature to assign accounts favorite for follow-up recommendation

As the Twitter network does not contain a property or button impressive Tweet users will often use feature preference Tweet as a kind of expression of admiration instead of actually placed in the user s favorite to return them in the future. But it seems that Twitter want to solve this problem where he discovered the option in the application of social network on Android that it is working on a tool for admiration or recommendation , where users can set to do other calculations as a favorite and recommend follow-up by other people who follow-up. To consider that this tool of official Twitter like a substitute for marking #FF that is used by famous people on Friday, usually for a recommendation follow-up pursue new accounts of their friends and followers . Property is still under tests is not known whether Twitter will send an alert to the user when recommended by its fans as an account of a favorite . And have the service Sina Weibo , which serves as the Twitter of China , where a sim