An interactive map showing the interaction of Twitter users with the new year

Deployment of micro-blogging site Twitter via his blog, the official interactive map divided chronologically show the interaction of network users with the beginning of the new year of 2014, as well as the words Happy New Year in different languages ​​of the world , and how to interact with these words on a 24-hour All times are GMT . This phrase in Arabic and peaked between 1 + and up to 4 + GMT , and this time zone with the Arab world certainly , including the Arab countries in Africa and even in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula . The ferry arrived in other languages ​​to peak by the time of entry of the new year to towns that use these languages ​​, reaching the phrase happy new year to peak GMT +5 GMT , in addition to some other times , which increased the rate of the use of this word in different parts of the world . In addition to the interactive map , which has been working on the site github, the Twitter posting some tweets to celebrities , who wished followe