CES 2014 : Yahoo unveils a new advertising platforms

Marissa Mayer was very busy during the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2014, ranging from new acquisitions , to switch to the use of HTTPS for its e -mail , however, Mayer also announced a series of new advertising platforms for Yahoo . Yahoo is working hard to reverse the decline in its share of the digital digital advertising , and the company s employees to work on the restructuring of its core business through a series of areas, including research , video , media, and others. So , Yahoo now has three new ad products , designed to help the company improve targeting private users and help marketers to better control the services of Yahoo . Eat as explained Scott Burke Vice Marissa Mayer to explain , he said, Yahoo is now focusing on getting rid of complexity , referring to the fact that marketers need to be more simple tools to do their jobs . In the past year , lost Yahoo ranked second in the world of digital advertising , Facebook now comes in second only to Google , and since I too