All you want to know about Heartbleed Bug

tech news today | The Heartbleed Bug In the first week of April this year Shook all communities interested in the security and technical information for the existence of a Bug called HeartbleedHeartbleed Bug is a serious weakness in the OpenSSL , and OpenSSL cryptographic software library is known . This Bug allows the theft of encrypted information under normal conditions , through encryption SSL / TLS used to secure the Internet . Provides SSL / TLS security and privacy in online communication such as Internet connection and e-mail , instant messaging (IM) and some virtual networks (VPNs). Heartbleed Bug that allows anyone on the Internet to read memory / Ram for systems that use the vulnerable versions of OpenSSL. This situation undermines the secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt traffic , and the names and passwords of users and the actual content .This allows an attacker to eavesdrop on communications , and the theft of data directly from service user