Google acquires maker of unmanned aircraft

Tech news today Announced ” Google ” the acquisition of Titan Aerospace specialized in the manufacture of unmanned aircraft , and in an attempt to support the initiative for the provision of Internet in remote places in the world. The ” Google ” that the working group of “Titan Aerospace” will move to work with its team -based “Project Loon”, a project which the company uses balloons to form networks in mid-air broadcast signals online . This , and the famous “Titan Aerospace” to develop unmanned aircraft powered by solar , where the aircraft can fly at an altitude of asymptotic of the atmosphere continuously for years without the need for landing frequently. The planemaker drone close to joining the “Facebook” later this year , in a deal estimated at 60 million U.S. dollars, except that the two companies did not newcomers to the agreement . And allowed the deterioration of the deal, the transformation of the point of the company that owns the largest social ne