LinkedIn reaches 300 million users

Tech news today | Social Network LinkedIn network  announced the arrival of the number of users to 300 users, and even two-thirds of those who do not live within the United States . Without it, the company did not provide the number of active users each month , making this joy is incomplete . In a statement on the LinkedIn network official , said it is keen to reach this figure , with the accession of more than 300 million members of LinkedIn in the world! More than half of those members from outside the United States , while there are 100 million members of the United States. And operates a network LinkedIn to provide personal experiences based on the members of the network , identity and knowledge . This would help users to achieve their career goals . As stated in the statement that there is still a long way before Linked to achieve its vision , and access to the world’s 3.3 billion . Thus, the company has big goals , but it may take a long time before they would bring . Daily ,