Google adds feature to participate in the most active threads (Trends)

Tech news today | Google  Google today added a feature to get alerts for topics most traded (Trends) via e-mail sent to the user , where it was possible to participate in any matter concerning the issue of what to reach a new user . It can identify entry through the quick search for any country , or by choosing a specific topic , or to get the best threads in the region per month, to be delivered directly to your inbox. During see the new Google Trends you’ll find a new button to participate in the various parts of the service and any State , once pressed will be your subscription and you’ll get this new classification via email. It can easily cancel your subscription, in case no longer interested in the subject, and by pressing a button to unsubscribe with existing and incoming messages on the subject, or you can manage your subscriptions from one place here : google.com/trends/subscriptions. Read More About Google : Google launches Helpouts application on iOS Google considering