An increase in the number of requests to remove content in Google Services

Google released transparency report for the second half of 2013, which showed an increase in government requests to remove content from the company s various services , particularly search engine. In general, since last June, and even today received a 3846 government request Google to remove 24737 different content requests an amount of more than 68% from the same period last year . During the past four years by Google , which began issuing periodic report half was transparent government requests to remove political content increases , as well as requests for information and the judiciary to remove content exceeding critic . The report also pointed out that there is a marked increase in the number of content removal requests received by Google from the two countries particularly in the first half of 2013 , namely Turkey and Russia . Of course, this report does not monitor the project espionage PRISM nor requests for the National Security Agency U.S., because , according to the leaks h