WhatsApp more than 400 million active users

And moving the chat service and communicate immediate WhatsApp in the lead , as usual , last October announced reached 350 million users, and today we have a new record of 400 million users on the service. Compared with the past few months , we find that Alwatsab joined by 50 million new user within two months and 100 million users during the past four months . WhatsApp confirms that these figures are the actual active users on the service , as the number of registered users only, or who have taken up the application only much larger . WhatsApp did not disclose figures for the last service activity daily , and was the last Statistics has reported that there are 27 billion messages per day are traded on the application in various platforms . The company said on a blog site several practical cases of people from around the world are using the service WhatsApp to facilitate their lives and not just chatting , not WhatsApp Join us how your life ..