How to : jailbreak for iOS 7 devices

Evad3rs surprised the team launched the new version of the jailbreak evasi0n, the tool that is loved by most of the iPhone has or IPad or iPod. Finally been made available for each version evasi0n7 versions of iOS 7. You can do this exercise for download via the Mac and Windows devices alike. Mac users will need OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard] or later it, but for Windows users, thereby acting program on Windows XP or later, and unfortunately Linux does not have any version available until the present time. If you do not have iTunes, you install it now, you are needed, as well as the USB connector to connect the device to your computer. And now ? explain how to complete it : 1. Arise connect the device iPhone, IPad App over the connector to your Mac or your windows you, then we run the program iTunes iTunes, and preferred to use the latest version of the latter, you can download the latest version of iTunes via this link.   2. You make a backup copy of the device using iTunes, or icl