Vine allows users to create personal pages on the Web

Twitter announced about the opportunity in front of Vine network users access to personalized links to their files on -site service starting from tomorrow 23 December It will link the overall shape of the personal account on the shape Vine.co / username so that you can put the user name instead of the username. For a link to a dedicated account, log entry on -site service and you ll see the page where the instruction register link Profile. And those who have documented account on Twitter , it will automatically link to a dedicated personal account with the same user name for twitter account . And operate all social networks after months of launch for the opportunity to users to book a customized links conservation and easy writing to reach their accounts. This is what I did recently Google Plus as well. And you ll get a network Vine on a page profile for each user so that they can see all posts by any user , and thus graduated from being a social network dedicated for smart phones and