launch a new version “Cydia” application store compatible with iOS 7

Divorced developers store (Cydia), specializes in providing applications for devices , Apple smart lock was broken its own , a new version of an application store makes it more compatible with devices operating system iOS 7. And solve the new version of the application store Cydia problems faced by users of devices Apple smart operating system, iOS 7, with the application, after breaking the lock your iPods using the tool evasi0n7 new . The team was launched a few days ago evad3rs evasi0n7 tool to break the lock devices , Apple smart , (jailbreak), especially devices that run seventh version of the operating system iOS. This , he received the application by issuing new and a new user interface has been designed to the same standards flat design the UI system in iOS 7, also added several new elements and icons to the front of the store . The developers of the App Store alternative to store App Store to improve the performance of the application , which is running a Cydia new faster tha