Kaspersky Lab : 40% of the owners of devices “Android” do not use any security software on mobiles

A study conducted by the organization (B2B International) and (Kaspersky Lab) in the summer of 2013 , more than 40 % of the owners of smartphones and tablet devices that work platform Android in the United Arab Emirates do not use any security software to protect their computers from cyber threats . While the Android has become the most popular platform among users , as well as the cyber criminals who are preying on the owners of these devices. He said 58% of smartphone users and 57% of the owners of tablet devices in the United Arab Emirates participants in the study , they installed security solution on their computers and use it now . Respondents others prefer to rely on limited security features in the operating system or rely on Hacthm in maintaining the integrity of their computers . This comes at a time when the platform Android the first target among all platforms dedicated to mobile . According to the data service Kaspersky cloud network of Kaspersky Security , which collects