New services at your fingertips Search Optimization for websites (Backlinks and Rank)

Advanced search has been launched to improve the performance of your site directly from within the Help Point Team Services Best Solution for Search Optimization We will describe all the services of the site separately Take a deep breath and continued new service tools First List : Back-links and Ranks These services are useful in counting how strong your site, And you can follow the growth of your website by the periodic inspection of these services 1- backlink checker : Count the number of links related to Google check your backlink Example : 2- backlink compare : Compared to your other sites to determine the competition between the sites compare your site Example : 3- Backlink Prediction : This tool will make an attempt at calculating your future backlinks based on current backlinks. Enter the domain, not a url, below to get started. Keep in mind that this tool will not be correct, as it is taking a guess though not a completely random guess. Check your Prediction Example : 4- Comp