Samsung unveils new processor for its smart in January

Preparing company Samsung for the detection of a new processor for its smart , whether mobile or tablet computers , in a series Exynos during the month of January next year. The company explained , through the official account of the Exynos processors on Twitter , it will unveil a new processor in the seventh of next January in Las Vegas, U.S. . The date of the event coincided with the exhibition CES 2014, where he is expected to reveal Samsung on the new processor within its participation in the planned technical exhibition in Las Vegas in the period between the seventh of January until the tenth of the same month . It did not say Samsung any information about the new processor or technical specifications, however, expected to be the new processor is your phone Galaxy S 5 smartphone. Earlier reports confirmed that the Samsung is planning to provide smart phone next , Galaxy S 5 , a new developer mesh processor 64-bit , to be a competitor to the A7 processor , introduced by phone , Ap