Nokia Maps application HERE deleted from “App Store”

Nokia  Announced for deleting the Maps application hers , HERE Maps , from the App Store , and that the problems encountered by users of devices Apple smart equipped with iOS 7 with the application. Nokia said, that recent changes to the system iOS 7 hurt the experience of using the application HERE Maps , so she had to make a decision to delete the application from the hardware store your applications , Apple smart . It did not say Nokia whether to delete the Maps application hers of App Store is a temporary decision , or final , where only pointing out that the use of electronic maps as an alternative site for a free application. The company said that the Finnish phone users iPhone can take advantage of a number of features of the application by going to the site HERE maps on the Internet , m.here.com, dedicated for mobile phones . She added, Nokia phones that users iPhone can through the use of site maps HERE do a search for places and get directions and information about transpor