“Google” outperform “Apple” and become the most famous around the world

Managed company Google of superiority over rival Apple to become the most famous companies around the world, according to a report issued by the platform analyzes and news of the money index (Dow Jones). And adopted a platform in his report on each story was recorded in 2013 by an extensive database for the global English-language publications . And found the platform of the index Dow Jones that the company Google reported on more than 123,000 story around the world during the 2013 beating rival and fellow American Apple which reported 120 451 once , and after that the latter were the most frequently cited last year , and nearly 165 100 times. In the meantime , the number of times which it stated that Google in 2013 by 7.7 % , compared to last year 2012, when the company was mentioned in a story about 114.954 have been indexed by database (Dow Jones Factiva). According to the report , said , Google the most reported during the months of April / May and May / June, when the media writi