Wikipedia launches feature drafts to complete writing articles

As a writer and editor on Wikipedia Crown honor this, but I usually do not love the pride it! , You are suffering from this problem , when you write an article on Wikipedia I did not find any way to save it and complete it later , but published immediately , thank God that it was an era and before, and today , included Wikipedia finally property drafts to editors , feature that as long as we have demanded since a long time. Now , progress and Wikipedia for her choice drafts before publication , and shows it clearly to all, which shows the word draft Draft by the title of the page is created , noting that the drafts will not be visible to readers using the default search site Wikipedia or other search engines , although they can appear in the advanced search options . One of the main reasons that make the institution agree finally on the application of this change , it is found that about 80 % of the new articles are deleted ! , So the drafts may give editors an opportunity to review t