Coca-Cola on social networks

The brand for Coca-Cola, one of the best and most expensive brands in the world and are always competing for the top spots, we will try today to identify several ways to use Coca-Cola s social networks to promote the brand and products and to communicate with their audience broad Coca Cola on facebook Coca-Cola has been able so far to attract more than 75 million users , and expressed their admiration official page , a modest number compared to famous Coca-Cola sign and the number of Facebook users who exceed one billion and one hundred million users . Given the rate of posts directors of Coca-Cola page on Facebook , we find sometimes a week goes by but does not publish a full page of something new , something that does not comply with a number of other brands other competition such as Red Bull , which publishes several posts a day. Since the Coca-Cola brand for a product does not have direct distribution channels is not obliged to promote certain shops or for specific countries such