Google raises Add WordPress to facilitate dealing with Adsense


Google launched a special addition to WordPress Blogs function linking your Google AdSense and Webmaster Tools to support blogs and improve profitability.
She added that Google is still issuing the first trial , so it may be some mistakes and problems , but in general is working on several versions of WordPress.
It functions of this add- on forums and connect with your WordPress Adsense to facilitate the process of adding ad units on your site without the need for any manual adjustments to code HTML.
As for the relationship with Webmaster Tools , which allows you to get detailed reports about your site and its performance with the Google search engine , this addendum will allow you to confirm ownership of your site to add it to your Webmaster Tools push of a button without the need to raise the files or BB .
It should be noted that this add-on can not be used with blogs hosted on the scope of any WordPress blogging free , but only works with JavaScript codes that are used on WordPress hosted the special .