Updated Google Play brings request the password when you buy applications

Well it did not take long after the case brought against Google , where the amount of the debt and cost $ 65 purchases within the games carried out by a small child accidentally , Google has today updated application brings her shop feature lets request password every time you should buy one of the items within applications.

And site Android Police said that the updated Google Play store , which holds the option to request came 06.04.16 , password, and when activated , the application will ask you to enter a password every time you want to buy one or buy applications driven by elements within applications , and of course you can keep the former option it is usual to save for a half hour or saved on a permanent basis , which does not recommend it because it can be up your hand and someone else buys directly from your account without that prevents the application.

And became a pre- application now displays a page in any application that contains the possibilities of buying driven elements within the application so take science so even before his inauguration and loaded .

The update came a new and important advantage is the possibility of installing a quick group applications together at one time on the device , and now all the applications that you installed in advance and delete ‘ll present to ease back to it and re- installed as well. As was the relocation of the settings menu and assistance to the side window in the application store.

As has been the addition of some improvements , such as the formal name of the account displayed in bold and there are white frame surrounds your Google Plus A new interface for the selected account and will also processes +1 impressive number of applications instead of the correct full shortened .

from Help Point http://www.helpoint.net/updated-google-play-brings-request-the-password-when-you-buy-applications/