Facebook announces property “Nearby friends” new

Tech news today | Facebook Facebook announces property “Nearby friends” new Facebook is still progressing at a steady pace in order to update its social media , and this time , the company would like to insert a new property and a unique on-site , this property that will allow in the future to identify the friends who are close to you geographically . Facebook announced  yesterday for a new property Integrate on its social media , where will allow the user to identify his friends and who are close to it , the new property , which will carry the name “Nearby friends” will begin to appear in the beginning with the users in the United States during the next few weeks before dissemination to other users across the world. Facebook announces property “Nearby friends” new Property “Nearby friends” will be available on new platforms portable systems, whether it’s Android or iOS revitalized and will of course notify the user in the event that one of his friends in a geograph