Reporting on the first electronic attack exploits “Heartbleed” gap

Tech news today | Heartbleed gap Reporting on the first electronic attack exploits “Heartbleed” gap ” Royal Canadian Mounted Police ” : Wednesday it had arrested the young man at the age of 19 -year-old accused of exploiting the vulnerability known as Heartbleed in the theft of data to the taxpayers of the government site . In what appears to be the first case of an attack using Discovery gap put 66% of the Web sites under risk named Heartbleed  that  finally discovered , Canadian Revenue Agency CRA said this week that about 900 of the social security numbers , and possibly other data , had been stolen as a result of a letter he suffered an attack site. The suspect was arrested and named ” Steven Solis Reyes ” from his home in Ontario on Wednesday, and is now facing criminal charges of unauthorized use of a computer and harm in relation to data . For its part, said Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement it “believes that Solis Reyes was able to extract the i