Google considering the improved presentation sites that use encryption in the search results

Tech news today New reports issued by the Wall Street Journal that Google are considering giving the highest order in the search engine hers for sites that use encryption during communication between the user and the server , in a move that could force many of the owners of Web sites start using encryption of files on servers, thus preserving the user’s privacy . This idea initially seem difficult at the present time , but the report by the newspaper indicates that Matt Cutts ; webspam team leader at Google , alluded to the possibility of this happening , and that he had been discussing this issue within the company . But if Google decided to implement this plan , it will not happen soon according to the report . May be the primary benefit of this procedure is to improve search results and display the trusted them first , and that such a discussion by Google may return due to the continuation of governments to request information about users from many companies , so the encryption w