Agreement’s leading smartphones on the anti-theft devices

Tech news today Signed a major manufacturer of smart phones around the world pledged to unite the efforts on the theft of mobile users to give them the possibility of scanning the entire device data remotely and by supporting those phones to a special technique to prevent benefit from the phone after stolen. The companies provide similar services separately , such as Find my iPhone from Apple and Android Device Manager from Google , but stating the pledge that from July 2015 will be able to any user of the survey data his phone stolen as well as make it unfit for work , and so in a uniform manner on the phones Apple , HTC, Motorola , Huawei , Nokia, Samsung, and with the support of Google and Microsoft also add five U.S. telecom companies . The user can choose to prevent the re- activation of the stolen his computer without his personal , therefore any phone lost or stolen can return to work by placing it natural to return to its owner. Apple has provided a system in iOS 7 feature cal