What the meaning of the word “SEO”

SEO Tutorial Series | first lesson What is the meaning of the word SEO and the difference between them and Commercial sites or Forum ?The meaning of the SEO or the creation of the site to Google and search engines Search Engine Optimization or SEO Create the site for search engines, or in other words the way to the ten most important results of search engines like Google, Yahoo and other search engines used by netizens to get to other sites in order to purchase or obtain information. Create the site for the search engines very important part of marketing operations eBook What is the meaning of Commercial sites and forums SEO is not a process notarization or the spread of the site because the word publicity or spread called on the product or product or the site when it is celebrated in other ways, such as advertising and paid advertising, but the SEO means friendship site for search engines, so take confidence from the search engines it offers something useful already for visitors and