Reform “HartBleed” gap threatens to cause major disruptions in the Internet

Tech news today The security expert said that efforts are being made to repair the vulnerability that was discovered recently known as Heartbleed threaten to cause major disruptions in the Internet during the next few weeks. The attribute ” Jason Healy ” cause of these disorders to the pressure that may occur as a result of a lot of corporate reform encryption systems for hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet at the same time . Since the announcement of the vulnerability that has been described as the most serious in the history of the Internet last week , escalated estimates almost daily to the severity of the damage that may be caused by the gap , and what seemed at first as if the problem could be solved by changing passwords for users , it turned out, according to experts , it is much more serious . Said Healy , a researcher in the Security Council cyber- Atlantic , based in Washington , ” Imagine if we found at one time that all doors used by everyone all at ris