Amazon Prime gets a million new customers in Christmas

Amazon has announced that it has set a new record in this holiday season , and through service Amazon Prime, on the high-speed charging . According to Amazon , it s not just getting a lot of orders , but they also got a million new customers sign up for a service Amazon Prime , which is that the user pays for access to its membership the amount of $ 79 ; versus delivery whatever is purchased through site in two days. In a statement like prose poetry to some extent ! But for grandfather liked explicitly from Jeff Bezos genius , which he said Amazon Prime continues to increase, and we now have tens of millions of members from all over the world , all of them are able to take advantage of getting what they want in two days , and beautiful that our customers have the appetite open . According to the statement , Amazon sold 426 per second! A staggering figure where all sales amounted to about 36.8 million dollars over the first Thanksgiving Day Celebrations followed their own .